Cozy Ideas for Decorating A Small Entryway Table

The entryway to your home can be an area that is small, yet powerful if you know how to decorate it. Regardless of how big or small it is, it’s typically the area your guests see first followed by being greeted into and out of your home. If you’ve wondered how to make this space pop, keep reading for some unique decoration ideas.

What to Do with an Entryway

Before we talk about decorating your entryway, let’s first have a chat about what to do with it to begin with. If there’s one thing you want to do it’s create a warm and inviting place for your guests.

You also want the entry way to be place that uplifts your spirits as soon as you come into your home and reminds you of what’s important. After all, you home is your safe haven.

Although it’s not a place where a lot of time is spent, you can take the guesswork out of what to do in that area by being strategic with what you put in it. 


As this article’s title suggests, one thing you can put in your entryway is a table, which we’ll talk about decorating in just a few moments.

So just what is the difference between a console table, entry table or buffet table? The simple answer is not much besides the name. They all serve the same function and can work well in your entryway space. The purpose is to display and or organize items so any of these are a good option.

Depending on the space you have to work with, you can opt in for some of the following entryway table types:

  • Metal-wood mix
  • Farmhouse style
  • Solid wood
  • Wood-wicker mix
  • Big statement piece
  • Multifunctional (with drawers and cabinets)
  • Square, rectangle, or half oval
  1. Metal + Wood Table 2. Farmhouse style entry table 3. Entryway table with storage

5 Ideas for Decorating an Entryway Table

Whatever table type you choose, be sure to take your entire entryway space into consideration. Keep in mind how you want this space to function for you, your family, and your guests.

Do you want it to be a place to store keys, shoes, purses, etc.? Would you prefer it to be a clean and clutter-free space? Or, would you like it to showcase family photos and be an area people hang out in for a few minutes upon arrival and departure?

With these questions in mind, let’s look at some unique ways to decorate your entryway table.

Make a statement.

For this decor style, use the top of your entryway table to place bold statement pieces and accessories such as an oversized vase filled with faux greenery or the initial of your last name draped with a beaded necklace.

Mirror the boldness by putting another big piece on the other end of the table. A winning combination would be a big lamp along with a vase filled with faux flower arrangements. 

Faux flowers

Keep it chic.

Think fresh, clean, and farmhouse for the decor style. This is especially the way to go if you have a small entryway table. This look can be accomplished with a small glass vase with the bottle neck wrapped in jute cord paired with a rustic picture frame and stack of wicker baskets underneath. This combination goes well with just about any color palette as well.

Keep it simple.

Or in other words, keep it minimal. If you’re already living a minimalist lifestyle then you’ll have no problems carrying this over to your entryway table. Something as simple as a bowl for catching keys along with a small vase with one flower can still make for an amazing entryway area. The idea with this decor style is to not bring much attention to the area but still use it. 

Create a rustic feel.

This is one of the easiest decor styles to pull off because the table itself can create the overall rustic look. Then, add things like a matching table lamp, a light colored vase with contrasting flowers, along with stacked wooden boxes and roped baskets. The rustic feel pairs perfectly with the farmhouse theme.

How to Compliment an Entryway Table

While we’ve talked about decorating the actual entryway table, let’s not forget the space around it, particularly the wall. There are many ways to compliment your entryway table, no matter what decor style you’ve chosen to go with. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Fill the space with one large mirror.
  • Create a gallery wall using different sized picture frames.
  • Opt for one huge canvas.
  • Switch things up with a canvas and mirror mix.
  • Hang a shelf on the wall to create more functionality.
  • Create a family mural with pictures.

Arched window mirror

Round wall mirror

Arched window metal mirror


Remember to keep your entryway area goals in mind as you begin to decorate. To keep from going over budget, check with your local thrift stores and consignment shops. They almost always have some one of a kind items that will make your entryway area stand out!

As you decorate, make sure it’s something you and your family will love and enjoy using. After all, you’ll be the one looking at it every day. 

I’d like to hear from you! Do you have any entryway in your home? What have you decided to decorate it with? Let me know in the comments below! Hopefully, you’ll find some good ideas above and put them to use.

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