How to Make Your Bed Fluffy and Achieve That Perfect Cozy Look

Tired of sleeping in a bed that looks like it should be reserved for prisoners? If you want to make your bed look and feel fluffy and inviting, then this blog post is for you!

In this post, we’ll guide you through some simple steps that will help you transform your ordinary-looking bed into something more luxurious. From choosing the right materials to perfecting the art of fluffing pillows, get ready to take your bedroom from drab to fab! Let’s get started!

How Can I Make My Bed Look Lush?

A comfortable, inviting bed is an important part of creating a calming atmosphere in the bedroom. It can be the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and tossing and turning all night long. Plus, when your bed looks fluffy and inviting, it can make your whole room look more stylish.

Choosing the Right Fabrics for Your Bed

The materials you choose for your bed will have a big impact on how fluffy and inviting it looks. If you want to create that cozy cloud-like effect, opt for fabrics like cotton or linen as opposed to polyester or synthetic blends.

Natural fibers are much better at trapping air which helps give them their cushiony texture. Down comforters are another great option—they’re lightweight, airy, and incredibly soft.

If you want to take your bed up a notch, consider investing in a duvet. The extra layer of insulation created by the duvet can make even the flattest bedding look incredibly plush.

Layering Your Duvet

Choosing a duvet and duvet cover for your bed can give you so many choices. You are able to change the look of your bedding simply by switching out the cover.

You also have the option of making your duvet as thick as you want! You can fill your duvet cover with a larger size insert or two thinner inserts. For example, if you have a queen sized duvet cover, try a king sized insert or add two thinner queen sized inserts.

Once you have selected a duvet and a cover, when you are making your bed, fold your duvet down halfway down or two thirds of the way toward the bottom of the bed. Fluff the folded portion up. This will give your bed a nice full look.

Fluffing Pillows

Once you’ve chosen the right materials for your bedroom oasis, it’s time to perfect the art of fluffing pillows. When done correctly, this simple task can make all the difference when it comes to making your bed look appealing—not to mention comfortable!

Start by gently shaking them before placing them on top of your bedding. This will help release any trapped air and create that cloud-like effect so many people strive for. Next, fluff your pillow by pressing down on the center and using both of your hands to shape it. Be sure to rotate the pillow while you work so that all sides get a good fluffing.

Once you’ve got your pillows looking their best, arrange them artfully around your bed in various heights and layers.

How Many Pillows Do You Need To Make Your Bed Look Fluffy?

You’re not limited to one style of pillow. Feel free to add pillows of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The pillows can have different textures too. This adds visual interest and helps create that fancy feel you’re going for.

For a twin size bed, two pillows will do the trick. For a full or queen size bed, three to four pillows are recommended. And if you’re looking for something extra special, try adding a euro pillow or lumbar pillow alongside your standard decorative pillows.

Euro pillows are larger than traditional square-shaped pillows and can be used as an accent in the center of your headboard or as support for when you sit up to read. A lumbar pillow is usually rectangular in shape and is perfect for providing lower back and neck support while still making your bed look cozy and inviting.

Decorative pillows come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textured fabrics. There is no limit to the amount you can keep on your bed. So, if you want to make your bed look extra fluffy, feel free to pile on the pillows!

Buy Larger Pillow Inserts

Speaking of fluffy pillows, for super fluffy pillows that look soft and, stuffed use a high quality pillow insert that is a bit larger than your pillow case or cover. You can always buy pillow inserts in different sizes and stuff your pillow cases with them. This will give you that luxurious hotel bed look without breaking the bank!

Adding A Mattress Topper For Extra Bounce

Making your bed look like something out of a magazine isn’t just about the materials you use—it’s also about how you arrange them. To get that perfect fluffiness, start by making sure the mattress pad is smooth and wrinkle-free. There are different styles of mattress toppers but some come with added padding to give your bed that extra cushiony feel.

Adding Layers to Create Extra Softness and Volume

If you want your bed to look even fluffier and more inviting, add a few extra layers. Throw blankets work great for this—they come in all kinds of colors, styles, and fabrics so you can mix and match to create the perfect look.

Depending on the season you can use a thicker throw for added warmth in the winter or go for a lighter, airy fabric for the summer. Have fun experimenting with color and texture to create a unique look.

How To Make Your Bed Look Nice Without A Headboard

Remember, the key to creating a fluffy bed is all the layers. You can still mix your fabrics and textures. You can achieve a fluffy look without a headboard by simply layering two or more blankets and sheets. Start by laying down the flat sheet, followed by one to two of your blankets or duvets, and top with your throw. Arrange your pillows around the bed at various heights to create that perfect classic hotel look.

Since you don’t have a headboard you can also hang wall art above your bed for a nice finishing touch. Hanging art above your bed is a great way to dress up the wall and make it look more interesting.

Taking the time to make your bed will also help your bed look nice without a headboard. Spend a few extra minutes during your morning routine to make sure the sheets are smooth and the pillows are fluffed. Even the smallest details can help your bed look its best!

In conclusion, making your bed look as inviting as a store display is easy. Start by selecting the right materials such as pillow inserts and mattress toppers for added fluffiness, followed by layering different fabrics and textures for an extra cozy feel. Finally, add wall art above your bed or arrange pillows in various heights around the bed to complete the look. With just a few extra steps you can have a beautiful bed that looks fit for royalty!

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