Small Coffee Bar Ideas Perfect For Homes and Kitchens Short On Space

Having a coffee bar has become a much wanted space in many homes. Most people find their countertops cluttered with all things coffee related and would love to have one designated area to better utilize space.

If you find yourself desiring a coffee station but short on ideas because of the small space you have, keep reading. 

I have gathered a few kitchen coffee bar ideas, tips and tricks that will help you create a space to enjoy! 


What Do You Need For A Home Coffee Bar?

Figuring out the coffee bar essentials you need (or want) can be fun, but also tricky for small spaces. First, let’s look at some products that would be perfect for small-space coffee bars, then we’ll look at setting it all up.

Coffee Maker

In small coffee stations, a coffee maker that takes up the least amount of space is a must. Although it may be small, it will also need to make a good cup of coffee, and pretty quickly.

Here are a few suggestions for ideal coffee makers for the smallest of spaces:

  • Black & Decker Single Cup Coffee Maker – This coffee maker doesn’t use k-cups or pods, allowing you to use loose coffee with the built-in mesh filter. This maker is sleek, slender, and has a taller cup capacity that can fit most of the tallest mugs on the market. Not to mention, it’s eco-friendly and saves money!
  • K-Mini Plus – coming from the popular Keurig brand, this tiny coffee maker brews an 8-12 ounce cup in about 1 minute. According to the reviews, it brews at a warmer temperature versus a hot one. 

Coffee Containers

Using ground coffee? Then of course you’ll want a cute container (or two) for holding those precious ground beans. For space saving purposes, stackable ones would be an incredible find. 

The suggestions below also offer some versatile options:

  • Stainless Steel Canister – offers a clean and polished look to any area, especially if you have stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • Clear Acrylic Canister – matching the stainless steel look, except for the clear part, this canister allows you to see your coffee beans (which also adds a touch of color to your coffee bar area).
  • Under Cabinet K-Cup Holder – strategically made to attach under a cabinet to allow a floating storage look. Most of these hold up to 24 k-cups.
  • K-Cup Carousel – perfect for fitting in small spaces while still giving you the option to have your k-cups out in the open, but organized. A typical k-cup carousel holds up to 36 cups!

Other Accessories

The key to having a functional kitchen coffee bar is to keep it from being over-crowded by too many accessories.

Measure the space you have to work with and don’t forget to include those hidden areas such as cabinets, under cabinets, and wall space.

With that in mind, consider the additional supplies and accessories listed below:

  • Under Shelf Cup Hooks – perfect for utilizing the space under your cabinets and they are easy to install.
  • Coffee Scoop Set – helps make scooping beans into your coffee maker much easier because they are made specifically for that.

Where Do You Put Coffee Bars?

The most asked question is if a coffee bar has to be in the kitchen?

At first thought you may think so; however, a coffee station can be on a kitchen counter, dining room corner, entertainment room, or on a well-equipped hutch in your home office.

The two biggest things to keep in mind are accessibility and space. You don’t want to over crowd your space, yet you want it to be cute and have all your coffee necessities.

Believe it or not, but using too many organizational tools can make an area look disorganized.

Coffee Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

If your home has a limited amount of space or maybe even just a corner to dedicate to making a coffee “corner”, I have the perfect coffee bar ideas for your small space:

The Counter Coffee Station

Use your kitchen counter to create your own coffee bar. If you’re working with a small counter space, use a tray type base for all your accessories to keep the area from becoming cluttered. Add a floating shelf above your coffee machine for housing cups, coffee, and other essentials.

Carts & Side Tables

With carts and side tables available in a ton of sizes, consider adding one to a corner in your kitchen or even next to the refrigerator. If it’s on wheels, this will give you the option to easily move it around. An accessory like this also helps keep all your coffee supplies and accessories in one place.


Sometimes the only space you may have to work with is on a wall. Adding a shelving unit, such as a set of floating shelves, can create the perfect kitchen coffee bar. Opt in for a coffee maker that you can easily put away and take out when needed while having all your essential hands-on ready.

Cabinet Station

If you totally lack the counter space, consider turning the inside of a cabinet into a coffee station. Use the premade shelves for storing all your essentials. You may have to drill a small hole to fit your cord through to give your coffee maker some electrical juice. These are a real space saver!


As you begin to create your own coffee bar station in your small space, have fun and let your creativity flow. Use the tips and suggestions above to help create the space of your dreams!

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