13 Easy Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

When you have children, you have toys and with that comes the acrobatic task of finding toy storage ideas and solutions. If you have a small space to work with, this can be even more overwhelming.

No worries, though! I have put together an awesome and inexpensive roundup of toy storage solutions that will maximize even the smallest of spaces.

How to maximize storage space in small spaces

When a kid’s room is small, it may be difficult to have furniture arranged to get the most from the space. The first best piece of advice is to take everything out of your kid’s room.

When you start with a clean slate, it is easier to visualize the next step. Before you begin putting things back into the room, give careful thought, and return things that are necessary for them to have. 

This is also a great time to go through your kid’s clothes and toys and get rid of, sell, or donate the items to instantly declutter and create more space.

With the toys you have left over, you can then purchase the best storage solution that will not take up a lot of space, yet house all the toys your kid has. Once you’ve put the necessities back in the room and downsized the toy stash, it’s now time to get some toy storage.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as your shop:

  • Get creative with your space. You may have to go vertical, horizontal, on the wall, above, or below.
  • Utilize the closet. You can either use this space for storing toys your kids are actively playing with or for storing toys not to be played with at that time.
  • Switch toys out. Truth be told, a kid doesn’t need every single toy they own in arms reach. Consider keeping out a select few and changing them out monthly or quarterly.

With these ideas in mind, let’s look at some must-have space-saving toy storage ideas!


Top Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you’re looking for furniture that doubles as storage, baskets, bins, racks, or things that roll, the five options below are ideal for almost any small space.

Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins

Available in three different colors, this storage solution is ideal for children ages 3 to 6. It is made of engineered wood, solid wood and fabric, featuring 4 small, 3 medium and 2 large bins.

The size is 36 x 11.81 x 28 inches, which means it is ideal for small people and to be used by little people (i.e. your kids). Because of its multiple bin options, you can store just about any sized toy. It’s also reasonably priced at less than $50.

South Shore Platform, Twin with Storage

This innovative design features 9 under bed shelving units and including fabric storage bins. Mix and match the provided storage bins with baskets, and stack books or pillows in between.

No box spring or foundation required which helps save money. With this economic and classic bed, your mattress can be placed directly on top of the secure frame.

Stackable Storage Bins with Lids

Don’t choose boring boxes to hide under your bed! These nicely shaped SONGMICS storage boxes, covered in refined gray linenette fabric, give an original touch to your room, elegantly matching the furnishings.

Unlike normal boxes you need to unstack each time you want to open them, this storage unit comes with front doors so you can have an overview of the inside contents; the lid can also stay open, so you can grab easily what you need.

Under Bed Organizer

Although these are typical for clothes, they are perfect for small kids toys. With adjustable dividers, the size of storage space can be adjusted according to your toys size to save storage space.

In addition to storing toys, it’s a good choice to store shoes, clothes, blankets, etc. All sides and partitions are fitted with a firm and sturdy straight board, after placing your stuff into it, the organizer won’t fall down.

Large Cute Designs Animals Pattern Storage Basket [3-Pack]

This 3-pack storage basket set comes in in natural linen cotton fabric and helps organize all your kids toys.Designed to add more decorative elements to your kid’s room, closets, playroom, or nursery while staying functional.

The waterproof fabric keeps dirt out and easy to clean with dry or damp cloth. This is also an inexpensive option.

Bedside Hanging Caddy Organizer

If your kids like the idea of taking toys to bed like special bears or you often find them just hanging out on their bed with their toys, why not use the bed as an organized storage space?

This caddy has 8 pockets and can hold anything from books, headphones to a bottle of water. It’s super easy to install, just hang it on the bed rails of your child’s bed.

If your child’s bed no longer has rails, try this option that you can insert between the mattress and bed frame.

Toy Storage Hammock

Remember when I said you might have to get creative with your storage options? Well here’s a good example! When it comes to hammocks, these can be a great solution for small spaces because you are utilizing the space that would otherwise be empty.

This is a good option for soft toys, like plushies and stuffed animals. After all, it is a net suspended in a child’s room.

Large Toy Chest

Nothing like a classic toy chest to keep those toys organized and your kids room nice and tidy. This one comes with dividers and handles to carry if you need a portable option. It also folds flat when it’s not in use.

Cube Bookcase

This is a great multifuctional storage solution because it can hold so many things. So if your kids room also has lots of books AND toys, you could use this for both!

You could also add these clear view fabric bins inside each cube if you want the contents put away, yet kids can easily see whats in them.

3 Tier Rolling Cart

Two words-mobile storage. Kids and their toys tend to travel all around your home. This 3 tier rolling cart can go wherever they are.

It’s perfect for storing toys, puzzles, art supplies, board games and more. Plus the little smile and those colors are so kid friendly.

Hanging Storage Mesh Organizer

Another way to utiilize all the space in small spaces is to hang your child’s toys.This hangning organizer comes with 4 seperate compartments.

Like the hammock I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the best option for heavier toys, but you can put soft and or light toys in this.

Cotton Rope Baskets

After you declutter and then want to organize the toys, baskets are a no brainer option. They are so easy to use! Just throw what you want inside.

Kids cant scuff or scratch the walls or furniture with soft yet sturdy baskets.

There’s no assembly required at all so this will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Baskets come in several colors and sizes, but this particular brand has a set of 3.

Toy Storage Hacks

With these toy storage ideas for small spaces, keeping your child’s room decluttered and organized will be much easier.

Remember to maximize your space by only keeping what’s necessary in your kids room.

Also, don’t hesitate to use other areas in your home. Just don’t let your kid’s toys take over the entire room – it’s easy to do! 

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