Update Your Bathroom On A Budget With These Simple Tips

If money is tight, don’t worry… you can update a small bathroom on a budget! Although taking the professional route can cost nearly five figures to upscale or remodel a bathroom, there are budget-friendly ways to do a stylish flip you’ll love. 

Benefits of Updating Your Small Bathroom

Depending on how much you want to change, the benefits start with a new look and fresh feel to the overall space.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to change the theme to suit your current mood or make the space more comforting. Regardless, the bathroom is one area that you can do a lot with.

Another benefit is updating your home adds value. It is considered a home improvement project which means you can see the return on investment once you sell your home.

If you are planning to make huge changes, consider a home equity loan to help with the costs.

However, if inexpensive is the route you currently want to take, keep reading for practical ways to update your small bathroom without breaking the bank.

Small Bathroom Ideas on A Budget

Before starting your project, determine your budget. Decide on a spending cap and make every effort to not over-spend.

A good rule of thumb is to shop around for the best deals on supplies and deduct from the total amount set aside for the project. Adding up can sometimes cause people to push their cutoff line until they realize they’ve spent too much! Now for those remodeling ideas…

Change or update the paint.

One of the quickest, easiest, and least expensive upgrades is painting. Whether you’re looking to change the color completely, or touch-up the color that’s already on the walls, adding a fresh coat can do wonders.

Smaller bathrooms won’t take as much paint, so money will instantly be saved there. However, you can also save a few extra dollars by looking at paints that have been discounted or sampled, and returned.

Update the fixtures.

This is another quick pick-me-up that won’t cost much. In terms of fixtures, think about updating the showerhead, bathtub knobs, sink faucets, cabinet handles, towel racks and lights.

These can usually be found in a set to make sure everything matches or you can go with a complimenting eclectic look. Save money by going with off-brand versus the expensive brands like Restoration Hardware.

Use vinyl instead of tile.

If you have tile on your radar, it can get pretty expensive considering the amount you may have to purchase for your project. One of the least expensive options that can be used for the floor and walls alike is vinyl.

Many people choose to use this on their floors and walls as a new design technique that adds a fresh look, all while making the surface easier to clean. This is a must in the bathroom where water is likely to drip or splash. 

Buy things used.

You may be surprised at the things you can find in thrift stores and consignment shops, especially when it comes to decor.

If you plan on replacing your bathroom countertop, look for the ones that were used or slightly damaged. They will be marked down significantly in price.

Buying used isn’t necessarily a bad thing and can help save you tons when updating your bathroom.

Apply touch-ups where needed.

Updating your bathroom with a few touch-ups can also do wonders. If your bathroom has window blinds, consider removing them and giving them a good wash.

Same if you have windows with curtains. Bathtub and sink areas with caulk can be updated with a good cleaning and new strips of caulk and grout applied. These are both inexpensive to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Updating your small bathroom on a budget can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • First, decide what parts of your bathroom you’d like to update. 
  • Second, shop around for the best prices on the resources and supplies you’ll need for your project.
  • Third, make a plan and schedule a day and time to do the update. If it’s not a lot, you’ll most likely be able to get everything done in a day. You could always get some help from family members and friends too.

Don’t forget to recycle any of your old fixtures and pieces that are still in good shape. Consider donating them or even have a go at selling them to make a few extra dollars. Your trash can become someone else’s treasure.

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